Learning the Language

伊丽莎白  Cassibry

Class of 2020 • Fort Benning, Georgia
The most vivid memory 伊丽莎白Cassibry has of her childhood is attending German kindergarten, where she and four of her English-speaking friends learned their numbers, 字母和声音. Before long, the four-year-old was ordering food for her parents in shops and restaurants.


As part of an itinerant military family, 伊丽莎白 doesn’t really have a hometown, but she does have an affinity for Germany.

“I think it’s because I was there when I was so young,” she says. “我父母会。 show me pictures and tell me about all these amazing things we did. 我真的很想 回到那里.”

 In the summer after her junior year, she did just that, spending ten weeks at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Taking a single course, “Jewish Narratives,” 伊丽莎白 began to build the framework for her Senior Capstone Experience (SCE) in 德国的研究, which examines the differences between Jewish community and non-Jewish community spaces.  (Her SCE in history examines the Baltimore Riot of 1812, an event considered pivotal to American democracy and Republicanism.)

While she was studying in Berlin, 伊丽莎白’s 德国教授 at WC, Nicole Grewling, stopped by to see her, bringing tickets for a book reading by an author 伊丽莎白 欣赏.

“At Humboldt I made a lot of friends who went to school at big universities, and this gesture seemed so strange to them; they thought that my professor and I were ‘awkwardly 关闭.’ To them, it was odd, but also enviable. They were like, ‘I don’t have that kind of relationship with my 德国教授.”


伊丽莎白's Four Year Plan



伊丽莎白 came to 九州娱乐官网 specifically for the Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience, headquartered in an 18th-century former warehouse overlooking 切斯特河. As a first-year student, she became part of the Research and Interpretation Team offering tours of the historic Custom House and greater Chestertown.


在实践中学习 Explore America Internship

As a London-Scott 家庭 Fellow at the Maryland State 档案 in Annapolis, 伊丽莎白 contributed dozens of biographies to the Maryland 400 Project, which is bringing to light the heroic efforts of Maryland soldiers in the pivotal Battle of Brooklyn. 的后代 from a long line of military servicemen, 伊丽莎白 was honored to share the little-known stories of the men who stalled two waves of British soldiers at the start of the Revolutionary 战争.


Back to the Beginning出国留学

伊丽莎白 spent her early childhood in Germany, where she quickly picked up the language. But she retained little memory of her family’s experiences living abroad. 在一次 10-week summer course at Humboldt University in Berlin, she rekindled those early memories and began to develop the framework for her Senior Capstone Experience focused on Jewish spaces in Berlin.


期待  参军

This Yellow Ribbon scholar isn’t ready to give up her military identification card 还. She plans to join the U.S. Army and take advantage of the Funded Legal Education Program to pursue the study of law. Her fluency in German will be an asset in the practice of military or international law.